Getting personal loan in USA (Indian citizen)

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  1. Hello.

    I am 34 and am looking for a job in USA (any of 50 states). My salary would be around 20000 per year(1600 per month) and I am not yet shifted. I will be in USA on work visa.

    I wanted to know what is the best way to get a personal loan, whatever the APR of interest may be. I want to get the loan within the first 6 months of doing my job.

    I am looking for a loan up to $50000 at any interest rate. I have never been to USA before.
  2. I am not sure you can get a loan from the bank, so consider checking different financial organizations like BesteforbrukslÄ I am sure they have some good programs for foreign citizens too. At least worth asking, right?
  3. right..
  4. Don't get a loan where the need for you is short term. You'll only regret it later when you're struggling to pay it back and you'll end up hurting your credit. Keep your emergency fund secure and never, ever touch it. Use that for emergencies, that's why you have it (car fixes, household problems, ER visits...). Do lots of research on payday loans and if you get one pay it off as soon as possible.