GM exchange traded bonds - BGM, RGM, XGM - free money from gov't

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  1. This Obama will bend over backward to bail out everybody including GM. If they don't bail out GM bondholders, Obama will only get one term. This administration is predictable. He'll bend over too if Goldman asks him to do something. The market will never crash again as long as he's in charge.


    Free money for everybody since this gov't will bail out bondholders GUARANTEED. SPEND SPEND! Buy these exchange traded bonds now, free money from Obama. Earn while you sleep.

    Look at GS, from $50 to $120 in a matter of 3 months. If you buy anything in this market, as long as Obama bails out America, you'll be rich.

    Rather than saving your money in a bank account, spend it. Bernanke, Obama, and Geithner are with us, absolutely no more crash.
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    Ever wonder why Gm is going BK one week then saved the next? Over and over and over......

    Who are they messing with? It's not the unions.. it's the bondholders, who have not blinked yet. Be careful or your bonds will be GM shares soon. Aka... worthless.
  3. About time someone else gets this!
  4. Nope. Bondholders will absolutely be bailed out. There are some big institutions there that own these bonds.

    Judging by Obama's spineless character, he will bail out everyone. He's just there to look tough, but he's a softie.

    Also, bank stress test result will come out good, "positive surprise" so the market can go up even higher. This is good for my positions. Who's not making money buying the dip in BAC this morning?
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    Will not make June bond payment, take stock for bonds or shove it. Screws tighten on the bond holders again
  6. They will still pay the divy. These bonds are trading at insanely high yield, and will still pay given how predictable Obama administration has been. They'll bail out everyone it's a no-brainer.
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    How many times could GM have gone BK already, Im thinking at least a dozen or so times by now, however as many have said that its the bondholders they are bailing out. This is just one pathetic BK process this company is going through, it should have been gone years ago.
  8. Dude just make money. If the gov't keeps printing money and stealing from taxpayers, better profit from it.
  9. GBM +23% today. :D I told you so... Obama will bail out everybody and pay everyone's mortgage!

    Thank you Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke :p As long as they're in the White House it's easy money. Be damned the idiot shortsellers!
  10. Another +33% today ... look at the tickers I'm not lying.

    I've told you guys Obama and Bernanke will print till the world runs out of ink. It's so predictable.
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