GME up 30% AH - They are getting into NFT's

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  1. The 135 weekly calls @ $1.80 will be about $35.00 tomorrow.
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  2. Was not reflected in price action at all during RTH today since this was already known. Probably a good entry for a short coming up.
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  3. GotherL


    Assuming it even holds. Pretty overextended on news.

    If it doesn't dump pre then open.
  4. Back on Reddit the fans of the stock are claiming that because this news was already known and it was not an official announcement it could not have been retail action, but instead institutions settling failure-to-delivers in ETFs holding GME (or something like that) and they fabricated a story as a smoke screen for the spike. :confused:
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    This must be trivial news.
    Yesterday during the RTH, GME didn't go up significantly.
  6. I don't know how many times people need to learn this lesson.
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    Hilarious action opens up 25-30% and almost closed negative. What a crappy company. Why do these idiots on Reddit keep the delusion its worth something?
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    GME is on Reddit radar.
    SO it is good for day trading.
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    Lots of things are on the radar. Ride it.

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