GME up over 100%.... what is going on now?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Saltynuts, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Agreed, the humor on that forum is absolutely priceless.
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  2. S2007S



    From shorting?
    #22     Feb 24, 2021
  3. wtf, why short GME? Anyway, my condolences...
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  4. Yea. Was late to the game, but was just shorting a little bit each day, then stopped each day, but only shorted a little more when it popped. Then BOOM I'm like $20k down, then BOOM I'm like $40k down. Now I'm only $32k down.
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  5. You really know how to sell at the bottom Mr. Dense - waiting until the absolute last min.
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  6. LOL, I *tried* shorting at the absolute top, fuking IB wouldn't let me (and it seems other brokerages were the same).
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  7. Way overvalued from prior shorting?
    #27     Feb 24, 2021
  8. S2007S


    So you were actually up on your short until today?

    And what broker are you using to short? I tried again and no luck after hours around 200
    #28     Feb 24, 2021
  9. well at least you came on and talked about it ..i would be too shy about this type of trade. And there are people on this site that have traded out of much worse. Maybe they will give a few pointers
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    You missed one word centillion in your comment. Yes you are right, I have twelve centillion brain cells.

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