GME up over 100%.... what is going on now?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Saltynuts, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. smallfil


    I will gladly take those windfall profits any day of the week. It will still add monies to your pocket. Parabolic moves should be traded on a hit and run basis. Then, short it on the way down with put options. I still got trades I hold on for the longer term, so the best of both worlds.
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  2. vanzandt


    Well when you get done with it, let VZ borrow that crystal ball.
    Be careful Small, don't obsessed with this thing. I'll leave it at that.

    Now... if we MUST gamble....

    I like the July TSLA $1000's for $49 ... (when I looked earlier)...
    It goes to $850, and you'll double your money.
    I'll take Elon over the 28 yo Chewy dude any day of the week.

    VZ pick.... July TSLA $1000 calls at $49.
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  3. McScrooge Griffin is sitting in his Citadel and observes: "those damned Reddit bandits are stealing my money" :)
    Do you know Vladimir Tenev (Robinhood owner) doesn't have any type of financial certification? Being a broker, you think he'd need to have some sort of Series 7 and 63 licenses. He isn't licensed by FINRA
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  4. maxinger


    yesterday volume was around 75M.

    end Jan, daily volume was about 2 to 3 times of that.

    I doubt it will go to its former glory.
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  5. ? He had a HFT company before RH

    Just because someone does or doesnt have a cert. doesnt mean anything in of itself. Appeal to authority bias - you should work on that.
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    Don't worry. Most times, I am the most chill dude out there doing nothing but, sitting on my trades. However, when opportunities come, I will be more than happy to come out and play. $49? $4900 for one call option is too rich for my blood. The most I am willing to pay is $800 per contract and that was for NVDA when premiums were still cheap then. Now, most times, I pay $400-$600 per contract and not a penny more. That is good enough though.
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  7. There're options for everyone :) ; doctors graduated from Banana Republics are cheaper. (they'd give you the real medicine, and everyone else just tictacs
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  8. So I'm down $41k on my position, 356 shares shorted. WTF should I do? Just hold? I've got a TON of margin in the account (been very conservative lately), so I think I should just hold. But shit, do I have enough margin if I wake up tomorrow and the stock is at $2,000 as someone suggested? $4,000? $20,000? Fuking shit I wasn't even trying to make any real money off this, just wanted to short a little for shiats and giggles. Fuuuuuuuu
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  9. Overnight


    Re-mortgage you home, and your kids, and your life, and dump all the cash into your account so you can stay above water on the margin requirements.

    Or...sell a call? That would be a covered call? *shrugs*
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  10. Thanks Overnight. If I sell a call, I am agreeing to sell the purchaser shares at a certain price. But I'm already negative 356 shares. Do you mean sell a put? Or do I have it wrong in my head? I'm a little on nerve right now, I'm sure I missed it up. Thanks.
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