GMI Edge (GMPFX) is a scam broker

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  1. GMI Edge (GMPFX) is a scam! :mad::caution:

    Recently, I saw new Malaysian broker GMPFX (now it has been rebranded to GMI Edge). I wanted to learn more about their conditions for IB. But, the more I read about this company, the more I worry.

    Even on its official website there are differencies in data. For instance, it offers fixed spreads in description, but at the same time GMI Edge's accounts have spread Floating!

    just look at the screenshots:

    So, I decided to clarify it with the customer support. Having spoken to their specialists I have doubted its reliability more.
    Their support couldn't even answer my question about the spreads conditions when chatting.

    Moreover, after some time their specialist just leaved chat, and what happened next??? They hide online-chat button from the official website at all!. It appears again only in a day!!!

    Finally, they decided to change name from GMPFX to GMI Edge then. And the webiste was redesigned.

    Guys, be very careful with this Forex broker! It looks like scammers regularly changing their data, name and domain!
  2. jharmon


    First post hey? Vendetta?

    You say Malaysia they say Vanuatu, support can't even write English.

    Trade FX Futures. Forget the bucket shops!
  3. I like reading the interesting topics on this forum more rather than discuss. I have no time for chatting here o_O

    All right, the problem remains the same, GMI Edge broker raises concern:caution:
  4. jharmon


    All FX broker bucket shops raise concerns - not just this one.
  5. donkhairi


    Dear Trader,
    GMI Edge is part of GMI Group.
    GMI Group mainly focus on institutional clients. They have the capital to expand to the retailers market. There is no reason doing scam to destroy the reputation that they build for years.
    I believe client trust will gain by time.
  6. maxinger


    Good thing is that you are given high leverage.
    That means you need not deposit tons of money into your trading account.

    and when you make money, quicky withdraw some money from your trading account.
    If the broker disaappears tomorrow, you wouldn't be losing so much money.
  7. Winjak


    Strange logic, bro. You mean everyone should ignore scammer only because it offers high leverage so taht you will probably lost only a few dollars? :banghead: At the same time, high leverages implies higher risks, that's why you'll never become a successful trader this way :vomit:
  8. Wait a second, I saw something like this earlier on Babypips:D
    Nice work, Copy-paste work! After such a performance from bots I guess noone will believe these scammers from GMI Edge
    Be careful, guys!:caution: