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  1. Have you ever thought about going underground, disappearing so to avoid taxes, government, spouse whatever ?
    I think it's getting more and more difficult with the post 9/11 legislation on information required by brokers but if you are willing to relinquish real estate property and live a modest lifestyle and have a bankroll to sustain yourself with money hidden from tax authorities , you can just "travel the world "and disappear from the point of view of your tax authorities . You declare yourself expatriate or if you are a US citizen , relinquish citizenship and never take another official residence and you stop paying taxes .
    You are not doing anything wrong, you take back you freedom and just disappear. You don't even have to take a second identity.
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  3. I am thinking more like spending a few years in South America, then Asia, Canada, Carribbean wherever... living like a student , subletting apartments to avoid declaring residency. Only problem is the driver license, you won't be able to get one, you can get one that doesn't expire in a third country and then officially leave that country , so you still keep that driver licence .

    I wonder if you live on a boat, you still have to declare yourself at port of entry, I don't think you can avoid taxes by travelling on a boat and you are definitely not underground.
  4. When crossing borders passport is needed.
  5. yes of course. you just use your real passport, if you were a US citizen you take up another citizenship such as Bermuda, Canada or a bogus one as I believe they are still easily obtainable (carribbean islands, African countries whatever..). You always enter as a tourist , get a vehicle plated/driver licence if that's possible, then change addresses, disappear, go underground.
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  8. Man this is freaking retarded, theirs ways to avoid paying taxes by knowing your tax laws you know.

    For instance if your a Canadian citizen as long as your not as a resident residing in Canada you can avoid paying taxes to the Canadian government.

    Put simply you can be a Canadian Citizen living in Chicago trading while avoiding paying taxes on income to Canada.

    Or you can live in Dubai and become a Dubai Expat. Avoid paying taxes completely whether you live in Dubai or travel the world. That is a real way to avoid paying taxes.

    Jeez this isn't rocket science if you want to do something do it right. Consult an international tax specialist and get things done right or don't do anything at all. Do your research, basically stop being stupid.
  9. I think its a good idea, but you may want to vacation or travel to some places 1st.

    The manager of my apartment in Argentina decided to live there and moved from America.

    I always thought the benefit of trading is that you can basically live anywhere that you want to as long as you have an internet connection.
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    My wife has no desire to go underground but were it just myself I already have the place picked out... great food, they don't hassle anybody because their main export is tourism, they speak several languages, etc... I'd sign up on Sugardaddie.com, get a nice gal to partner up with and trade her account and tell people she was my sugar mama :) When I died I'd have "Damn, that was fun" on my headstone...
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