Goldstein LA home - one of a kind!

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    If you are into architecture, highly recommended!

    This is example of highest achievement a designer can make: something which is unique on the world scale. Has its own vibe, distinct from most of everything else.

    Now, how the owner made his $$$ to construct it is another matter.
  2. That's a Stupid home.

    I would personally say around the $700,000 the ideal, cutoff, point of no added gains, benefit and utility.
    Beyond that, it's purely for ego and vanity and insecurity and bragging rights. Life at that point becomes rather sad, neutral, unfulfilling.

    Ultimately, a living room is just a f'n living room. A bathroom is just a f'n bathroom. A backyard is just a f'n backyard. A front yard and garage is just a f'n front yard and gargage. A kitchen is just a f'n kitchen, regardless if it's a fancier one or plainer one.
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    i guess your woman always wears practical utility clothes and never anything sexy .after all, clothing is just clothing. piece of cotton or wool..
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