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    Agree, nothing worse. Well a few things..but...
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    Wife bought me a swing speed meter. I took it out and tried it and was only registering 90 to 95 mph. So I made some adjustments to my swing, Most notably elongation of the backswing with more pronounced backturn and I regged 111, 112 and 115.----Folks, if that is correct, I'll be getting it done this year
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    And when you say "getting it done" do you mean searching for your ball further in the rough? :p
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    115 on the machine the pros use to measure would put you solidly at pro tour speeds.

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    The only thing worse then listening to retail trader stories is listening to hack Golfer stories.
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    Its amazing how many parallels exist between golf and trading.
    Read some of these quotes by (one of) the greatest golfers of all time.
    Pick a favorite.

    "It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it".
    -Jack Nicklaus
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  7. I have always been struck by this. It's not how good your best shot is, it's how bad your worse one is. Just like trading, avoiding the big mistake or loss is crucial.
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    I’m long bias b1s2 golf game, but I’ll be quick on the reverse position if he starts reports scores in the 3 digits too often.
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    Update--- I took the meter out again Sunday and worked on the swing. Most of my swings were in the 102-105 mph range. I did manage 5 readings over 110. They were 111, 117, 117, 118 and 123. So, I believe I am on the right track. The muscles in my lower back are somewhat tight now, so I know I am swinging the the club differently and likely more correctly. Even if my meter is incorrect as far as exact measurement, I have raised my swing speed relative to this meter by 10 to 20 mph.
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