good to know information for new traders

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  1. mute9003


    what information would you pass down to new traders now that you have become consistently profitable
    and i dont mean generic stuff like"mindset is everything" "its all about psychology bro"

    i mean technical bits of information that are good to keep in mind when trading
  2. Be nice to everyone you meet, because if you're liked, those around you might give you helpful ideas/information, stuff you don't learn from books.
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  3. deaddog


    Take the time to write a plan!!
  4. KCalhoun


    Lose less than you win

    Small stops

    Rockstar charts

    Main tech note is focus on out days and charts , avoid anything inside prior days range
  5. Overnight


    Never use stops on long positions in a 13-year bull market, and never short a 13-year bull market.

    If you do, you will regret it deeply.

    That's it, that is all there is.
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  6. maxinger


    Do not treat trading books as if it is a holy bible.

    After you have read the trading books, go cleanse your mind.
    Then develop your own holy grail.
  7. [​IMG]
    • And measure that plan's implementation.
    • Measure the trades as a set, not single trades.
    • Separate out the plan (risk management, etc) from the tactics (execution).
    • Make changes changes to the tactics or the plan.
    • Measure the change's improvements. Don't guess. Otherwise you risk never getting traction.
  8. SunTrader


    Time, price, pattern, volume
  9. deaddog


    • How do you do that?

      What I measure is whether I followed the plan. (Yes or No).
      If my equity curve drops then I can tell whether the problem is the plan or the trader.
      Equity curve
      All part of the plan. the execution should be planned. What do I trade, how much to I trade, when do I exit.
    How often do you suggest you do this?
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