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    GOOG Google: View weakness as buying opportunity - Bear Stearns (399.46 )

    Bear Stearns notes that GOOG finished the week down 64 points (-14%) from the prior week, effectively wiping out $20 bln in enterprise value. Firm says the sell-off was due to several factors, including: 1) Yahoo's Q4 earnings' underperformance, 2) news reports that GOOG is fighting a DoJ subpoena, and 3) current and potential negative articles on GOOG's valuation from the financial press. Firm views the weakness as a buying opportunity, and advises both short-term and long-term investors to take advantage of the weakness and buy the stock, as they continue to believe that GOOG will report robust Q4 results that should likely exceed consensus estimates, which should provide upside for the stock.
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  2. BSC --> legal criminals!
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    GOOG Google upgraded to Buy from Hold at Stanford - Reuters (399.46 ) -Update-
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    Google-GOOG sell-off provides a buying opportunity, reit Overweight@LEHM

    Lehman has reiterated its Overweight rating for shares of GOOG as it believes weakness due to YHOO's weaker results and news of the DOJ's subpoena have created a buying opportunity. The firm believes YHOO's challenges are company specific and that the DOJ's subpoena related to the Child Online Protection Act of 1997 will have minimal impact on financial.
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  5. GOOG got the bounce the BSC's of the world were hoping for. Resistance at 422 (50-day MA). GOOG distributes at this level since 11.40 EST. My strategy: a decline below 420, than a small rally on low volume, than SHORT. Stop-loss: 425
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    you meant "then" ?

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  7. Yes, you are right.
    Didn't short GOOG because the low volume rally after the break through 420 didn't materialize.
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    Apart from the search engine, everything appears to be in beta at Google.
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  10. And all the others of course!
    It's the truth, really believe me.
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