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  1. Main page is a little boring, so try this link also

    Haven't seen a post on here yet. It has some interesting informational displays including news stories plotted on the price graph at the time they were reported, along with some different graphing (short/long term) tool than I've seen most places, etc.

    Not sure is this should be resources or trading section etc. mods should move as appropriate.
  2. wow

    nice chart

    it just came out very recently, didnt it? i always use google search box to get quotes...

    .... 20min later;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

    Google launches financial news, data, blog site


    The Web search leader said late on Monday that it has begun offering a trial version of the service called Google Finance that uses a keyword search system to help consumers target information on public and private companies and mutual funds.


    Google Finance started out as a part-time project by Google engineers working in Bangalore, India, Stanton said.


    im ditching yahoo finance....
  3. Im impressed. And this is just the beta. I liked how they finally incorporated the news function with the charting function. Now they have to incorporate more advance charting functions, but this is just the beta so we will have to see.

  4. ginux


    don't you find the information too much to handle?

    like information overload?

    i prefer yahoo's cleaner approach
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    I've been taking a quick look over Google Finance this evening, and I think that they are off to a good start, particularly with the charting. They ideally need more advanced charting (such as candlesticks), but I did like how they mapped out related news stories on the stock charts. I'm interested to take a look at their site during market hours tomorrow to see how much of a delay (if any) they run.

    I was also quite impressed with the fundamental data that Google provides (income, balance sheet, cashflow), it's a bit more detailed than what Yahoo provides. More importantly, you can copy and paste from Google to Excel spreadsheets with minimal effort!!! (copy, then "paste special" as unicode text) Not so easy to do that with the Yahoo data (doesn't format as nicely/easily).

    Portfolio funtion needs a lot of work though, such as transaction history, currency handling.
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    For a $100 Billion company that website is fucking pathetic. I could do a better job.
  7. I thought they would do something more cool. Maybe provide deeper historical quotes. Like something back into the late 1800's. You could do searches for companies in that era. After google map came out, i was expecting more. I thought google might have even provided near realtime quotes.

  8. i agree completely. same goes for their famous "Google Talk" application. looks like a first year computer science student sunday afternoon project.

    and how do i get currency quotes in this google finance anyway.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly.

    What I am interested in as active investor/trader:

    - very detailed company statistics such as valuation measures, fundamental data, financial information

    - historical end of day timeseries, if possible not only for the US stock market but also for several international exchanges.

    - for each company an index of news stories and company events such as conference calls.

    What I am not interested in: (!!!)

    gimmicks such as interactive charts using Macromedia flash player
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