Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. The Fed's only role nowadays is to create a boogeyman to prevent the stock market from bubbling up. Notice the financials are selling off.
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  2. The invisible hand funded and promoted by the iron fist.
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  3. They all know inflation will come down and people will go back to their primordial urges to spend money, so Powell needs to keep the boogeyman in play otherwise, moon.
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  4. Sure, with the government and FOMC creating trillions, public corps buying back trillions in stock. I would be giddy to.
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  5. Soooo, people don't wanna work, well then, we'll just replace them with bots.


    Only a matter of time:

    Don't worry about inflation long term, these things and the artificial intelligence will "solve everything."
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  6. Still NO RISK in the markets. Keep buying calls and stocks guys. You buy and market automatically goes higher. Wow. What a paradigm. Even better buying opportunity now right?!
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  7. How many days now?!
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  8. If you look at closing prices - 46 trading days actually.

    Tuesday came close at 1.89 %, though. And barely dipped below 2 % intraday.

    As of today's close - we're only down 4,29 % from the current top. If we correct 10 % - we have a few hundred points to go.
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  9. SunTrader


    Just don't buy calls and stonks .... when they are going down, right?

    Hodler clowns are what make trading so much fun, no matter the direction.
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  10. And CNN's Fear and Greed Index back at Extreme Fear of 25.
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