Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Just load up the chart of a major index for the last 7 months, there's your proof :D
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  2. exactly.... what the heck....

    if long is wrong I dont want to be right!!
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  3. Trade the market you cheerleaders, been good money on the downside lately
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  4. The proof of fearlessness is action... we can all get rich in hindsight. The masses here surely would revel in seeing how the big pros bought on margin Friday and held over the weekend.

    (disclaimer) Long ER 792.20 = out 794.20 for +2pts, missed ideal long entry near 790 on quick pullback while my back was turned. I'm down with the long side just like y'all... with healthy fear of risk on every trade.

    That said, you gotta know how many 100s, probably 1,000s of viewers here would just die to see how a big hitter mopped up holding long over the weekend. Please feel free to post blotters at will... no such thing as overkill there
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  5. I love no risk $$$

    especially on ER2 since it pays more $$$
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  6. GO TEAM ER2!!!!

    I just canceled my fixed deposit account, why bother when you get the same risk but better return in the ER2!!!!!!!!!
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  7. You boneheads, I made a buttload on ER2 shorts last week... you guys are driving down a one way street
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  8. Well, your's sure does....often! :cool:
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  9. You forgot smart and good looking!!! :D
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  10. I love zero risk buying$$$ you can't ever lose anything $$$
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