Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. yeah, but it's like living with a nympho. Eventually, you grow weary of that, too :cool:
    #41     Jan 29, 2007
  2. Beware the boy who cries wolf! (well, kinda in reverse this time.)
    #42     Jan 29, 2007
  3. This is what happens to bears in this market :D
    #43     Jan 29, 2007
  4. Actually thats you morons that can only trade one side

    nyuk nyuk nyuk... woop woop woop
    #44     Jan 29, 2007
  5. Thing is... why would anybody bother to trade? I just go long on dips and see no need to (over)trade at all. This market is an invitation to kick back and letting the PPT do the trading for us :p
    #45     Jan 29, 2007

  6. excuse me for trading with the trend and not fighting the tape..

    I love risk free 100% up room to go money $$$
    #46     Jan 29, 2007
  7. Pfft... trends within trends within trends... if you can trade
    #47     Jan 29, 2007
  8. Speaking of the Plunge protection team, m3 is no longer reported. So we're no longer able to know when they decide the market has climbed enough to pad the economy. Then their buying will back off.
    #48     Jan 29, 2007
  9. Did everyone else just make a quick 2 points on that ER2 short???

    Didn't think so... Moe, Larry and Curly
    #49     Jan 29, 2007
  10. ym short at the minute
    #50     Jan 29, 2007