Granthom: A Bubble of “Epic Proportions”

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  1. His remedies: 1. cash, 2. emerging markets (especially China), 3. maybe value stocks

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    Typical bear porn.
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    We have Fed to thank for printing so much money. Stocks are cheap relative to bonds.
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  4. He’s been calling for a crash since 2015.
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  5. A

    He called a melt-up in 2017-2018, as in the video.
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  6. %%
    that way that he may underperform only most of the time with cash, chicoms ,value stocks.
    Melt up in 2017,2018?? Looks more like an uptrending bullmarket in 2017.
  7. not until the FED + Black Rock + other whales on Wall Street say so.
    anything else is just TV entertainment.
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  8. nitrene


    Every value manager I have ever seen on CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. are permabears most of the time except right after a crash that is when they love stocks and exit after they hit fair value whatever that means.

    Even JP Morgan's chief strategist, Mike Wilson, is just like the permabears. He has been saying there is a 20% correction coming soon since like March or April. I remember in September when the markets were going down he said the markets would drop by 15-20% -- wrong again.
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    All these dudes have been dead wrong for so long. At 2800 s@P in the June 2020 time frame Gundlach and Mark Cuban were super bearish. Matter of fact both were calling for many big corrections the past 15 months. Amzn says it all. Disastrous earnings and it hardly fell. This last 18 months has little to do with earnings and all to do with mass speculation and greed.So many times we should have corrected big and didn’t.
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    Earnings have grown almost as much as the market has the last two years and are projected to be higher next year. So Amazon had lower earnings for a quarter; so what. Chevron and other energy companies are putting up huge earnings. Banks are growing earnings. Smart money rotated some or most of their money into cyclical and value stocks in 2021. Why on earth should we have corrected big ?

    Market growth is actually 100% justified on a pure earnings basis based on actual earning growth and expectations of forward earnings growth in 2022. That may change in 2022 but we are still in 2021.
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