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    In my view, the top rock song in history
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    Its a great song. But you can't have the greatest rock song of all time with a Hammond organ in lieu of an electric guitar. Gotta have some guitar in there. I mean it is rock and roll right?

    On a side note... I see ol' Jon Bon Jovi finally got inducted into the R&R HoF. Certainly deserves it.
    You Millenials might think "he's soo 80's". I agree.
    But this one is real. His best imo. Read the words.... and play it loud.

    See those real live calloused fingers
    Wrapped around those guitar strings
    Kiss the lips where hurt has lingered
    It breaks the heart to hear him sing

    The songs were more than music
    They were pictures from the soul

    So keep your pseudo-punk, hip-hop, pop-rock junk
    And your digital downloads

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    Top rock song does not have to have guitar in it. By that standard Fats Domino would not even be entered in the contest. It is only my view of this being the greatest hit and others are certainly allowed their own opinion.
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    In the video you can see Robin Trower who is a tremendous guitar player. Although he joined after the song was recorded, they did show him in the video.
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    Here's another of the top 5 rock songs in history.
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    Right performer, wrong song :)

    Eric Clapton: "Layla"
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    Number 3 in top 5 of rock history
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    Number 4 song in rock history:
  10. Great thread B1S2. Love Procol Harum and Whiter Shade of Pale. Clapton's cover was pretty cool too. Deep Purple always killed it.

    But seriously, best rock song? There can be only one.

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