Greatest President in living memory

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    Americans Say Barack Obama Was Best President of Their Lifetimes

    By Abigail Simon
    July 11, 2018

    A plurality of Americans named Barack Obama the best president of their lifetimes.

    In a survey by the Pew Research Center, 44% named Obama the best or second-best president of their lifetimes, followed by 33% who named Bill Clinton and 32% who named Ronald Reagan.

    Respondents mentioned Donald Trump only 19% of the time, putting him in fourth place.

    Survey: Historians rank Obama 12th best president


    02/17/2017 03:26 PM EST

    Historians have ranked Barack Obama the 12th best president of all time, the highest rated since President Ronald Reagan, in a new C-SPAN survey released Friday.

    Less than a month after exiting the White House, Obama received high marks from presidential historians for his pursuit of "equal justice for all" and for his commanding "moral authority," ranking third and seventh among all former presidents in each respective category. The 44th president also cracked a top 10 ranking for his "economic management" and public persuasion.

    Only 4 U.S. presidents have won over 50% of the vote twice in the last and current century

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    Any article that puts Obama ahead of Reagan is obviously complete trash.
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    WTF cares who the greatest presidents WERE? Most of them are dead now. We have to deal with our current president, and if we will get a new one in January.

    Greatest president ever was Harrison. Why? Because I said so. That's how important those "Presidential experts" are. Jesus!
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    Have you not figured it out yet? Trump is imaginary man! Trumpy the little elephant ass, favourite food peanuts? None of this is real.
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    Lol, taking the Maya angle is a cop-out! We all have to deal with it man.

    Could always bury yourself in some "catnip" to ease the pain. :)
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