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    You clearly miss the objective of the 3-6 ratio.
    Which is to give a trader the confidence, insight,
    and ability to hit 3 for 3 everyday.

    It DISCIPLINES a trader to STOP trading
    when they should.

    I would expect a novice to practice in Simulator
    until he or she has mastered the art of
    knowing WHEN and WHERE to
    choose their targets. That's the real
    SKILL, and what's developed over time.

    Therefore they have lost nothing.

    Stop and think next time. I think
    you're trying to hard to prove

    To your trading success.
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  2. There's a reason I've blocked that Ho. You're now seeing part of that reason. :D
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    Pffhhht. Well, I guess there is always a musical substitute for it. Man, I was hoping for a direct explanation (thrashing)! Bummer!

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  4. What, an explanation of the difference between futures and options? It's been done and over-done, my man. Different asset classes, etc.
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    No, just to that particular guy you have on block, which I did not know you have. It's OK man. There's always the devil.

    The point was that the guy answered a futures question with options, saying how options are just like futures, when following a trend. I'm like, NO! A down-trending futures market does not mean your puts will also go YAY. There are differences!
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  6. There's enough that filters down from other people's cites/quotes that I can still see him being a clueless ass-clown. Viz:

    It's virtually impossible to make money directly with options trading beyond a day. There's just too many variables eating away at you.


    BWAHAHAHAHAHA... SO glad I emptied my bladder before reading that!

    Well, if you're long puts on that futures ticker, it will. But options on some random symbol have even a less direct relationship to some future than the price movement in that ticker itself; that's one of the effects of options being derivatives.

    But your general point holds: anyone that can't tell the difference between futures and options while remaining stupid enough to make assertions about them is indeed a clueless loser. But we already knew that.
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  7. Are you profitable, yet, relatively consistently, or are you still an academic trader trying to crack the code in the real world?

    When I said that phrase, I'm referring to Buying Options. Anything beyond a day, you might as well just be an option seller for that small premium collected.
    But if someone has great timing and trading....they can seriously do damage with SPX options daily, intraday,

    BlueWaterSailor, BWS 2022, :D
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    I think that makes me feel better, considering the 2022 trading range we are in. 2022 is making me angry. Times like this i just wanna buy a low-priced call at 3500 on ES with 2025 expiry and sit on it and collect after Pence gets elected pres in 2024. Collect that uber profit.
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  9. Why the heck would you expect it to be low-priced? 3500 is in the money (ITM) by $460+, and 2025 is far away in time (time = money.) That call would cost you right around $100k today.

    If you've got a strong view on politics, you can bet on it more directly.
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    OK, typo. 4K. See, this is why I do not options.
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