Gundlach baits the ninnies.....

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    "Stocks are in a bear market."

    Good Lord! He's either baiting the ninnies or he's a ninny himself. And how gutless is the "50% chance that new tariffs will happen" thing! VERY gutless.

    All-time highs, sound domestic economy, solid earnings, S&P500 risk premia in a reasonable range..... It's either a leak up, or down-doobie-do down-down. NOT a hard conclusion. He's calling a bear (with no intellectualized rationale) cuz when he's wrong, no one will remember, but if he's right, "Whoa, Nellie!"....

    Ninnies. The lot of 'em.

    ((Okay, I reread the article, and was reminded that, "DoubleLine has more than $130 billion in assets under management." With that, he can't turn on a dime. So, for him to think about taking some off the table.... that would be my advice. {Without the hyperbole.}))
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  2. Haha, he's wearing a Tom Ford! When one is wearing such a suit, you can say anything... Gundlach is bond macro guy, surprised he didn't mention liquidity in EFF-IOER drying very fast. 25 % Tariffs will shut off Credit Markets if enacted, Dec 13-24 fall if he goes ahead with 25 % on Friday, which they said will happen at 12:01 AM