Gunned GE

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by TraderSU, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. More than 6% spike in the price is surely a manipulation by specialists. They threw me out from my position (in my virtual-trading account) :D

    Anyway, this is the reality and we'll have to live with it. How do we deal with "gunning the stop attack" in real-life trading - any suggestions?

  2. You need better 'virtual' charts. That spike never happened.
  3. eagle


    There is no surprise for GE surging. Our dear guru predicted 3 weeks ago that the spike was about to come.
  4. I see similar spikes in charts provided by my other brokerage accounts (Scottrade & OptionsHouse). The virtual account that executed my stop was bundled with my real OptionsHouse platform.

    I guess you suggest that data feed that is being used by BigCharts, Scottrade and OptionsHouse is a CRAPPY one.

    May be you are right!

    FYI: I also see spikes around same time in BAC/MS/GS.
  5. Bob111


    IB charts show it too, but..i doubt that you can trade it. first of all-the trade was under current bid. like a dollar away.. manipulations of evil MM's have nothing to do with this..imo-some sort of "prearranged" trade. people ,who have bloomberg data probably can see all details..
  6. eagle


    I didn't interpret his statement the same way as you did.

    Maybe I'm wrong!