Has anyone ever seen a stock market meltup?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Giddiyup, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Giddiyup


    If you haven't , well I think you're about to. The stars have aligned.
    The perfect mix of fear and fundamentals.
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  2. Turveyd


    I saw a gap up, which was the last time I traded Options, Puts to be precise, only happens after a serious bear market mind.
  3. Yes, with ulta low rates and a promise to be blessed with further cuts. And QE. And an upcoming election which serves as strong motivation to lay to rest macro disputes that endanger growth and the economy. But I praise your enthusiasm, 2 points for that. Remind us again which asset class is about to collapse? A meltdown is unpredictable and for a bear market one needs catalysts. Which are your catalysts?

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  4. Giddiyup


    The main catalyst for me is this. There are not nearly enough suckers who are long. every bull market culminates with a large portion of the country involved l. Right now we're still around 50percent. We still need to get to that stage where everyone believes the market is unstoppable before it melts into pieces.
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  5. Giddiyup


    Which is sort of unprecedented since we've already been in a bull market for so long..... The perfect storm is here.
  6. Giddiyup


    I did say meltup btw
  7. Stock market formation dont look too good. Its forming a triple top pattern.

    I think more than likely its downhill from now.
  8. Apologies, I misread. I also think markets will turn higher unless of course another bombshell hits out if nowhere.

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  9. Giddiyup


    Really ? I am really trying to learn chart analysis. Can you recommend any good books on technical analysis and chart reading?
    I do think we're going to melt up though regardless of the patterns being formed.
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  10. Giddiyup


    That's o k no reason to apologise.
    There can always be that as you mentioned. But my instinct is telling me that greed has not set in yet. Make sure to let that panic buying set in before giving up on this market. Imo
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