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  1. Hi, I bought UNM for 30.00 USD each and now the price is below 25.00.

    What did I do wrong? Thanks
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  2. Fonz


    Since the peak of UNM in June, quarterly results were announced.
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  3. Hey the results were good, right? That's why I don't understand why UNM doesn't rise :/
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  4. Fonz


    If we are taking about Unum Group, please Google the ticker UNM and check the financials.
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  5. Sometimes things that you think will moved a stock are “priced in”.
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  6. You 1) assumed that you can predict the market, and 2) you're surprised that you couldn't - which leads to 3) you didn't test your assumptions with paper trading 4) over a time period long enough to convince you that you either have an edge - or 5) don't.

    If a $5/share loss times however many shares you bought convinces you to actually learn these lessons, it'll be the cheapest schooling you've ever had.
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  7. Hello together.

    Thanks for the lesson. But can you "please" help me to better estimate the position? My thought was, a solid company that has low growth but consistent. According to Fastgraaph totally undervalued

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  8. destriero


    You bought it $5 points higher... you're asking all the wrong questions. You seem pretty green so perhaps you should stick to managed funds/ETFs.

    It's an insurer, so it should be in the "stocks" forum.
  9. Fonz


    I really didn't want you to feel that I try to teach anything.
    You asked "what did you do wrong?". I just wanted to show that quarterly results are to be followed when investing in companies.
    So again, just check the last Quarterly most important numbers from UNM and you will see what I am talking about (Easy on Google finance:. UNM ticker, and then financials).
    I suspect that if the stock market was not that bullish since June, UNM would have been badly beaten.
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  10. ph1l


    Maybe the price drop has something to do with prior knowledge of UNM being moved from S&P 500 to S&P 400 Midcap on September 20?
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