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Discussion in 'Fixed Income' started by simba0020, Sep 4, 2021.

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    • Double your position to lower your average price.
    • I assume you are interested in the 4.54% dividends.
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  2. taowave


    You bought it at 30 instead of below 25 :)

    Other than that,did you have an exit strategy??

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  3. Mistake #6: believing some external source rather than your own, tested methodology.
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  4. taowave


    Adding to this,regardless of your methodology,you need a trading

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  5. Overnight


    My mistake was never thinking you had a beard, when speaking with you (Just noticed your fairly new avatar pic.). You just didn't sound like a guy who had a beard. Especially one that thickly. ;-)
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  6. Bruh. That pic is from ages ago. I've gone from clean-shaven to "OMG, is that Karl Marx?" a number of times in between.

    These days, it's indexed to /VX as a subtle indication of my vol trading.
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  7. Overnight


    No, I am pretty sure the last time you were really active here, when we were on voxcalls, you did not have that pic.

    Edit: Shit, now you have me thinking you look a bit like Captain Quint from "Jaws". I don't like to think that, because it did not end well for him.

    I didn't think that two years ago or whenever it was! So it is proof I am correct! Neener!
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  8. You sure? I don't think I've changed my avatar since I started here.

    Ugh. Never was a fan of "Farewell and adieu to ye fine Spanish ladies"; I'm much more of a "Gallant Frigate Amphitrite" sort of guy. He deserved to get shark-munched for singing that thing. :)


    Dude... I don't remember jack from two years ago. Well, other than getting bug-eyed over your Kandinsky-themed trading screen. I'm still blown away just thinking about it... you could easily sell it as an LSD replacement and make some serious cash.
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  9. Overnight


    My screens have calmed a bit from those days. Still got reds and blues on the black background, but less clutter, heh.

    As for LSD, still have not done it. Would like to try it before I die.

    (We should prolly not be promoting drug-use on ET, but what the hell, it is a holiday weekend, yeah?)
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