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  1. Just so you know, I'm an amateur (but fairly serious) mycologist. Much more about Psilocybe cubensis and Amanita muscaria/pantherina than Claviceps purpurea, but... yeah, it's the weekend. :)
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  2. Overnight


    I bet you have a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook in your library. I can smell it.
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  3. Nah - I memorized it and burned it. Much safer in case of a raid.
    Besides, the FM 5-25 and the TM 31-210 manuals are much more accurate... :D
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  4. Can we please get back on topic?
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    You are giving us very little to go on..
    The obvious answer your timing was off...

    Was the purchase made for investment purposes rt as a trade??

    If its the need to disclose your trading plan,i.e. money management (doubling down,profit target,scaling out),risk control measures(hard % stops, technical stops )

    If you cant answer that in 5 nanoseconds,you are punting

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  6. The issue is pretty much exhausted. If you're asking "how can I get my money back?", you can't; the trade went against you. If you're asking "why did UNM go down instead of up?", the answer is "stocks fluctuate" (and more broadly, a stock's movement is a sum of all the influences that affect its price - the greatest majority of which are unknown, unknowable, and unpredictable.) If you're asking "why wasn't <whoever's> prediction correct?", the answer is that relying on other people's predictions is foolish and will ruin you (and, from a broader perspective, moves you in the wrong direction if you're trying to learn how to trade.)

    But the worst underlying cause is that you lack the required understanding of trading, risk management, and the many, many other pertinent issues - AND refuse to accept that answer after several people have said it in several different ways. That's far worse than simply losing some money, because it's going to cost you much more in the future.
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    In trading, you open a position, there is only 50% chance you will be making money if you do nothing after it. But there will be about 99% percent of chance you will be profitable if you know how to handle if you were hit by the other 50% of chance: losing money right after openning the position.

    On or before June 17th, you bought at 30, then you see the candle of 17th. That is when you revert your long into shorts, however many shares, then try to balance the short position delta with some near term put options selling at lower support prices. keep doing that with every nearest term put options expiration will make you profitable till now......
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    Please don't:)

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  9. %%
    or maybe such a lousy% gainer YTD, SEPT is almost over + it seems to be stuck going down\down below 50dma...................................................................
    Good dividends ; maybe better off in a muni tax free, good dividends not so bearish.
    NOT a prediction\ not bank insured\not FDIC insured , thank God.
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