High Impact Events

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  1. mikeriley


    Taking a NQ short at 13522.50, but there's a
    strong possibility before my target of 13497 is hit,
    it might get messy because of a 7:30 am high
    impact event.

    What strategies would you recommend
    for dealing with Calendar events?
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  2. maxinger


    your entry was rather bad.
    You shorted very late by 5 hours.
    At times, a 0.1-sec delay could mean hundreds/thousands of dollars lost in trading opportunities.

    NQ, DAX, FCE, Germany bund, Italy btp plus many others started to go down when today's GBP CPI news was released.

    It is not worth holding on to your position.
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  3. My forecast: the CPI numbers might be bad (as they are from the recent past), but the bear market after this Friday is definitely over folks!
    So, IMO, be careful when going short.

    I'm bullish!

    Unless of course a "High Impact Event" hits, as the thread-title might indicate.

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  4. mikeriley


    I'll hold it until it hits my stop at 13597.50. Right now I'm ALL IN
  5. SunTrader


    Is there are typo somewhere because I see a 75 point stop for a potential gain of 25.5 points???
  6. mikeriley


    Trade Summary

    Profit target was NOT hit, but was able to get 88 ticks.

    Problem #1 On entry I got a really bad entry. I decided to reposition
    and got an even worse order at 13518.
    Solution: At which point I decided to hold it.
    Solution: Moved stop to adjust IF target not hit before the opening.

    Problem #2 No idea how first Impact event would run.
    Solution: Impact event ran very slow, so I decided to hold position

    Problem #3 Price rocked back and forth with no clear direction.
    and we were headed into the opening!
    Solution: The opening was slow so I decided to hold position.

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  7. maxinger


    You wrote it in such a way only you could comprehend.
  8. mikeriley


    I'm not qualified to teach this method. It's called Mirror Effect.
    I was taught mirroring effect patterns based on the cycles of time is price and price is time. But when price is moving strong toward target, sometimes I'll break my own rules and look to minimize risk by moving my stop to break-even.

    I know on paper timing for entry and stoploss position usually looks counterintuitive and makes no sense. It's not easy, because every freaking time, the position moves against me. But I've learned ( and still learning) to hold it.

    I do know the following instructors teach this method.
    Michael Jenkins and Timothy Morge
  9. %%
    I dont worry about it \
    unless i'm concerned about a unusual Fed move .Small caps or QQQ related like you did ; good sloppy trend. So i pay attention to my cash balance, even if its not much interest pay/LOL:D:D
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  10. mikeriley


    I see we have another one at 1:00pm with FOMC meeting.
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