Highest traded stock volume day ever nasdaq

Discussion in 'Trading' started by excrypto, Nov 17, 2021.

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  2. I thought Oracle hit 1B shares in the 1990s and Healthier Choices Management Corp 1 Trillion. Not sure 100%, somebody here knows.
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  3. For the Nasdaq 100 it looks like AAPL traded over 7B shares on 9/29/2000
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  4. qwerty11


    For AAPL that's because of splits (i.e. did not really happen).

    It regularly happens that a stock (also RegNMS) trades > 1B shares per day...
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  5. SunTrader


    Nasdaq often double counts volume. Anyway what's the point of knowing?

    Win a game of Trivial Pursuit from 1990.
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  6. DaveV


    I can think of several good reasons for knowing -- Estimating max database requirements to store daily transactions; How many spaces to pad on report columns; Determining how many bits are needed for volume variables when coding, etc.
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    For one stonk on one day in one hundred fifty years of trading. If you say so.
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    what’s wrong with curiousity?
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    basically all it is. curiosity.
  10. vanzandt


    Trivial Pursuit:

    Which 4 letters of the alphabet aren't assigned to a stock.

    IE: A... Agilent, C... Citi, X... US Steel, F... Ford.
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