Hitting the roof as trader

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    Develop a system and define the trade decision criteria and decision points. Map each trade against these milestones. A good trade is one that was opened, managed and closed according to your strategy.

    Until you reach this level of perception, your wins and losses will be random.
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  2. If you did everything you mention you should see results. Maybe give it a year or more, sometimes you have bad streaks.
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  3. Taking things one at a time helps me to keep going. We all have been through such a phase and it can be extremely overwhelming.

    I set small goals and work around them. I would suggest you the same, use your goals as stepping stones. These little achievements can make you motivated once again and prepare you for a bigger game.
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  4. 100% agree to you

    In the end the results matter, all those 12 months of losing had to give out a fruit maybe not from that same tree but from a different one and often better.
    Good to hear that you could turn your results around.

    Keep trying new things, the market will never be the same as it was yesterday
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  5. This is actually a part of my trading
    At the end of every quarter, i take off for a couple days and read out all my mistakes and improvement that i note down after every trade is closed, things that i did well as well as what i could have done better.
    and that has massively helped me to be a better trader than i was yesterday.

    Can't emphasize enough on how much journaling has helped.
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  6. Getting good results out of your trades is very important to define your progress as a trader but, if a trader fails to grow from his present situation, it is the result of being stagnant. If I were to face such a situation where I feel I am stuck, I surely would re analyse my strategies and do all the groundwork required.
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    @Raheel_Shaikh You stole the words from my mouth!
    Maintaining a comprehensive trading journal has also helped me a lot. A Journal acts as a rearview mirror and helps me have a close look on the trades that I executed and also gives genuine feedback to develop my trading skills.
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    Same here @jocrape
    Trading journal has really helped me polish my trading skills. It also makes me think twice before I initiate a trading position. I now only enter trades that I know I have more than 70% chances of winning. And this I have learnt from my trading journals.
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    Clearly you have to look for more complicated stuff. I see this as criteria for working strategies. Obviously as retail trader you are disadvantaged because of speed, access to proper data, etc. it means you have to be double smart and get your feet in unexpected areas
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