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    What is the best way to find sectors that are currently strong or weak? Is there a good website that details this?
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    Define "hot"
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    Strong RS. Leading the market, etc.
  5. Chasing 'hot' can be dangerous to someone's trading, or investing, plan o_O :confused:

    You should instead have a relatively tame, continuous, simple, maybe daily, routine;

    Everything else aside from your own strategic trading game just noise and nonsense and bs...that is there to just mislead you on your journey to trading riches,
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    I use the Dow Jones sectors which I think is the most comprehensive, a listing of 160 industries/sectors updated in real-time. You can find the symbols $DJUSxx on Think or Swim and build a watch-list. TradeStation has the DJ industries/sectors watch-list you simply import. Or you can get can get this info for free from these sites:
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