Housing keeps getting worse

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    The jumbo end now. As people have not be able to find new jobs, not been able to refi, not been able to sell, and are running out of savings they are starting to lose the homes.

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    This is a new economy, housing doesnt matter, this is a fake credit crisis. The market woke up to this mental liquidity shortage
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  5. As long as prices decline it is a good sign for homeowners.

    We need more affordable housing.
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    Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 | By Mr. Mortgage

    March New Loan Default Summary

    * Total CA Foreclosures — At 1.5 Year Lows
    * Total CA new Defaults – Surging
    * Subprime -- Declining
    * Alt-A — Constantly Rising
    * Pay Option ARM – Surging, Despite Wachovia being on Moratorium
    * Jumbo Prime – Relentless
    * Super Jumbo – Surging
    * Fannie - Freddie – Surging