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  1. Since the other thread was getting a little long and this is a new year, lets start a new housing thread. Congrats to all those who owned a house or property or the RE stocks, you profited mightily. For all those who are yelling crash and whatnot, seek help.

    Profit Surges at Homebuilder D.R. Horton

    "D.R. Horton Inc., a leading homebuilder, beat Wall Street's expectations Thursday with a 30 percent jump in profit for its latest quarter and raised its estimates for the fiscal year.

    Looking ahead, the company said it now expects fiscal 2005 earnings to be in the range of $4.75 to $4.90 a share, up from its October projection of $4.50 to $4.70 a share. In fiscal 2004, the company earned $4.11 a share."

    The good times keep rolling with these guys. They must've had a good December to up estimates. To think we're in an "Rising rate environment." Ha!

    For all those with disparaging comments, please keep it over at the housing is crashing threads. I would like this thread to reflect reality. Thank You.
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    oh my, u do have such axe to grind. U feel ok about urself?

    Mr. Zen
  3. No grinding here. When your on a roll, flaunt it baby, flaunt it! :D
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    In the 2.5 years since I purchased my home it has increased 70%, but that only means is that I am stuck here longer than I would like to. The homes I would like to move up to in the coming years have increased the same %, and a lot more in $ terms. So, on paper I'm worth more but I would have preferred for prices to remain where they were.
  5. anyone have a chart of average housing prices over the past couple decades?
  6. this was the last qtr of outperformance for the builders.
  7. Easy to call a crash is coming.
    Like the tech bubble, crash were called as far as 1999 or 98.
    The key is timing.
    Of course, it will probably happen in a while when everybody say "Ok, there were no crash after all, market will continue to do good now..."
  8. *******
    Reflecting reality DHI is still notably above 50day movin average;
    thats excellant-SPY & QQQQ has been notably below.

    Actually would consider 7% interest rate low, historicaly.

    Interesting, DHI as national builder, average home price =$240k;
    actualy prefer rural land in our county as occasional investment.

    One guy did buy and admit to buying at top,took many years & dont know if he ever cleared anything;
    i plan to walk 30+ minutes a day, anyway,
    might as well long term profit while walking on prospective land.

    Dont move the ancient landmark -Solomon,traderking
  9. builders are done. next qtr we get size gap downs
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