HOV is a buy

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  1. Housing will be shit for years but the charts say, buy HOV now.

    Position trade:
    Buy NOW
    sell in 1 year
    after 50% gain
    No stop.

    Todays close 6.55 for the record.

    This is hunch trade, not a system trade. That is all.
  2. how much did you buy?
  3. Lots of guessing and wishful thinking on your part. You have nothing but hopes and guesses backing up your position. No wonder so many of you lose money and blow up your portfolio's.


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    I wouldn't worry about selling it in a year. My hunch is that you won't have to.
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    HOV will soon resume its downtrend. The homies have a tendency to rally into opex. There is nothing but pain ahead for the builders and HOV is one of the most overleveraged of them all.

    However, Ara said December was strong so go ahead and load up the truck. His predictions have been been extremely accurate. On 6/1/06 he said housing had bottomed and he was very bullish on the stock.

    HOV will be bankrupt a year from now. Of that I am sure.
  6. "This is a HUNCH TRADE, not a SYSTEM TRADE That is all."

    Im a system trader. I make money.

    You, on the other hand, are an idiot who cant read :p Thank you for clarifying that for us.

    These are occasional NON-SYSTEM fun trades I do. I typically dont bet more than 2% of my portfolio on trades like this because im willing to lose 100% of that for the gamble. But I typically win on these trades too.
  7. Good hunch if you held on. Close to $9. I would dump it and run for the hills.
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    NVR is probably the best homebuilder if you want to try to bottom pick, this guys are still making money
  9. After a strong 2 day run like this, I closed early, probably a good time to close out the position for a 41% return in 9 trading days and put your money elsewhere, when stuff moves this fast.

    Original target was 9.75 or 50% gain within a year.

    Knocked this one outta the park with a 41% gain in 9 trading days.

    Your welcome. What do the naysayers say now? Learn to bottom pick when over sold people, even when long long term fundamentals are horrible.
  10. Original target HIT. A 50% gain in less than a month.

    Next hunch trade will be....

    Oh I have no idea. They are totally random.
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