How Croatia is luring digital nomads

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    "Croatia is gorgeous, it's beautiful living here, affordable compared to other places, has a great climate, good internet access," says the American marketing consultant, who lives among cobblestone streets in Labin, a hilltop town overlooking the Adriatic.

    Paul got her visa in January, joining a global army of workers plying their trades in foreign countries since the pandemic ushered in an era of working from home for millions.

    Croatia offers the special visas to digital workers from outside the European Union, allowing them to stay for up to a year and exempting them from income tax.

    Applicants need to prove they work remotely, have accommodation and health insurance and earn at least 2,200 euros ($2,700) a month.
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    Croatia really has some beautiful spots. The Plitvitse National Park immediately comes to mind.
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    Some good pointers in the discussion...
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    The link seems to be dead. :(