How much do you think I could get for this?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cartm, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. cartm


    1 18 inch nec lcd, i845 intc motherboard, 512 sdram, 1 gravis rumble controller, 2 harmon kardon speakers, 1 18 inch flat screen crt , comp is 2 ghz with 2 firewire ports, dvd and cdrw, dual matrox vid card, keyboard mouse I will throw in series 3 exam floppy disk xp, nero burning cd rom dvd software, lexmark printer all as one package..........tia

    p.s. if anyone is interested pm me a price its negotiable
  2. nkhoi


    you get a picture of the system?
  3. cartm


    Nope, scanner isn't working (thats why it wasn't included in the package), but everything is in good condition, lcd monitor is black atx tower is black and the crt is white. If that is the dealbreaker/maker I am sure I could use a friends though. Also I will throw in some games, one is ghost recon, cool game. There is another one but I forget the name. If you don't need the dual card I can throw in a nvidia single screen card. Also I will throw in xp plus. Its just some games and screensavers and themes. And the harmon kardon speakers I mentioned in the previous message has a big subwoofer.
  4. A picture would be important to any buyer.

    It would be also nice to know where you are located (I will assume it's somewhere in the US) for shipping charges etc.
  5. cartm


    If someone was serious enough about buying it I will get a pic if I can, and PA. I was just wondering how much you guys think I can get for it, but if you're interested let me know...tia.
  6. For the whole package between $1300-1700.


    Monitor: $400
    Computer: $800-1100
    Everything else: $100-200
  7. Scottie


    go on ebay. like a market it will give you what it is truly worth.
  8. nitro


    Go to eBay, but you have to take pictures.

  9. I deal in used electronics every now and then, and I would say you could get maybe $800 for the whole package.