How much is your account size bottleneck?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Oct 23, 2007.

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    My account size could not be going up any more in the past 5 months, after it hits $1M range. I either gain on stocks or lose on futures, or the other way. I usually take 20% of my portofolio on one stock, and I have 7-8 stocks on margin. I have found it is kind of difficult to get in and out of my holdings.

    Is it time for me to trade higher volume stocks or spread investment into more stocks? Spreading means more time to research, more time to watch them. Maybe it is just time for me to withdraw to spend it...

    What is the bottleneck of your account size? How did you manage to pass it?
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    I try and spend 10% of my account on exotic vacations and hookers instead of bragging about it's size on the internet you buffoon.
  3. Surdo, I predict a long and happy life for you, re the vacations.


    I wonder if a committed relationship would be better than hookers. (I don't know, I'm wondering.)
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    What's wrong with both?
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  7. OP: I recognize the situation. I think it's part a mental hurdle, and part execution as you may have worked strategies up to the point where you move the market too much. I've been in such situations myself.

    For me it's better to take money out of the account, and then try to work it up to that bottleneck point again.
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    Rule #1:
    Be a good person. Treat money well. Treat people well. I don't think wasting money on illegal activies is a good way.
  9. yes -

    But here's the thing... I worked really hard and then I lived in the condo I bought that had the privy pit under it... and that caused hydrogen sulife in my condo and I started to fall a lot.

    I didn't do anything illegal, but it's cost me a good percentage of what I worked for, and the court wouldn't let me be heard...

    so, virtue isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    The developer is much better off than I am.
  10. Aren't they the same at times :confused:
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