how much leverage- who knows confidence intervals?

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  1. i was analyzing my track record in trading and trying to figure out what amount of leverage i should be using, so i started to do some statistics on my track record, but i was never so hot with confidence intervals.

    what i'm wondering is if you could help me figure out X- what % of my account i should risk each day if i'd like a 95% chance of not losing 50% of my account over the next 2 years.

    over the past 4 years i would have a track record of an average of +1.61X / month with a sd of 2.63 over the 48 months. each of the 4 years had the following numbers individually 1(.98X/2.10) 2(1.74X/1.99) 3(2.79X/2.24) 4(-.06X/2.77).

    what is the equation for risk of ruin over N periods? all i could find were forever
  2. Then think about it the other way: what X % should you risk so the probability of losing 50% of C in the next N years is <0.05?

    The answer is known and it is 0%.
  3. what instrument? what type of trading?
  4. neither of those petrtain to my question- but i trade yield curve
  5. do you manage basis risk?
  6. i trade value at risk - risk management and if you refer to the first post you'll see the question i'm asking.
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    Why don't you use your historical drawdown?
  8. well my largest historical drawdown is -7x but i'm not just using that as my bankroll, gotta be a bit safer than that
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    Read up on Optimal F and Secure F. That might give you some leads on how to structure your position sizing.
  10. The meaning of X is a litle bit unclear, because it seems to mean different things in the two places above.
    Does "+1.61X/month" mean +61% profit/month?
    If you can give the average annual portfolio return (ie. profit) and its standard deviation then it should be calculable...
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