How to add Floor Pivots to Multicharts.NET

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  1. Hi there,

    I recently started using Multicharts.NET (Not to be confused with the regular Multicharts).

    I went to the 'Add Study' section, and it does not appear to allow me to add FloorPivots.

    There is no Floor_Trader_Pivots indicator.

    Please provide some guidance on how I could add this indicator.

    Thank You.
  2. K-Pia


    That's maybe because all the floors have shut down.

       Plot_5or7( 5 ) ;                                                  
        var0( 0 ),
       var1( 0 ),
       var2( 0 ),
       var3( 0 ),
       var4( 0 ),
       var5( 0 ),
       var6( 0 ),
       var7( 0 ),
       var8( 0 ),
       var9( 0 ),
       var10( 0 ),
       var11( 0 ),
       var12( 0 ),
       var13( 0 ) ;
    if Date <> Date[1] then
       var13 = var13 + 1 ;
       var8 = var7 ;
       var10 = var9 ;
       var12 = Close[1] ;
       var7 = High ;
          var9 = Low ;
       var6 = ( var8 + var10 + var12 ) / 3 ;
       var3 = var6 * 2 - var10 ;
       var4 = var6 + var8 - var10 ;
       var5 = var4 + var8 - var10 ;
       var0 = var6 * 2 - var8 ;
       var1 = var6 - var8 + var10 ;
       var2 = var1 - var8 + var10 ;
       if High > var7 then
          var7 = High ;
       if Low < var9 then
          var9 = Low ;
       end ;
    condition1 = var13 >= 2 and BarType < 3 ;
    if condition1 then                                          
       if Plot_5or7 = 7 then
          Plot1( var5, "R3" ) ;
       Plot2( var4, "R2" ) ;
       Plot3( var3, "R1" ) ;
       Plot4( var6, "PP" ) ;
       Plot5( var0, "S1" ) ;
       Plot6( var1, "S2" ) ;
       if Plot_5or7 = 7 then
          Plot7( var2, "S3" ) ;
       end ;
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  3. dartmus


    Everything that works in MC works in the dot net version. IE it's backward compatible.

    The users capable of solving your issue generally avoid helping those who aren't aware programmers solve specifically defined, very detailed problems. U have to become them, the basketball, be the solution, to access their help. List the steps u took and the precise results, at the precise location of each result u receive. Simply saying it did not work when u tried to import it isn't enough.

    This is necessary because skilled P's dont care about implementing FTP's. That formula is well known and easily accessible to anyone with the skills to google for it and follow the MC menu sequence to import or create it. No one with real skills is interested in explaining these things to someone still learning them. This is why generic solution, in the public domain, often lack the clear readibility which enable following the progression of vars to the end result. IE ... the code posted above is ridiculously obscure.

    An alternate method for attracting the help of a skilled p is to have a viable idea. U could be an idiot where the p had to lead u step by step over and over thru the Q n A process to define exactly what ur requirements were and many would gladly help ...even if it involved the implementation of FTP's ...but u would need to have a unique (and viable) way of using them, where unique is generally defined as a solution for the common problems, and common problems are things such as whipsaws which occur with any method based on crossing a line in the sand.

  4. What are talking about?!?!

    All I want to know is how to add the Floor Pivots indicator to

    Or if I have to import it in?

    @dratsum @K-Pia
  5. AMP_Global

    AMP_Global ET Sponsor

    Floor Trader Pivots is a pre-built study.

    Right Click on Chart > Insert Study > Select Floor Trader Pivots > Ok

    If you need any assistance with the setup, please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour help desk via Phone or Live Chat:

    Happy Trading!

  6. Thank You for the reply.

    Are you aware I am talking about (Not regular MC).

    I of course did just that, there is no 'Floor Trader Pivots' study in that list.

    I will take up your offer to use Live Chat.

    Thank You..

    @AMP_Trading @dratsum
  7. AMP_Global

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  8. AMP_Global

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    I would suggest re-installing with the most current version

    32-but version>>

    You can see from the attached screen is available.

  9. Thank You, I managed to find the Floor Trader Pivots once I re-installed

    I noticed that the Multicharts forum is only for licensed subscribers, would you know of a forum where unlicensed users may receive support ?


    @AMP_Trading @K-Pia @dratsum
    #10     May 31, 2016