How to beat OANDA ... for a day

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  1. Take it or leave it, but here's how I did it:

    1. Open up a EUR futures Booktrader window through Interactive Brokers.

    2. Set your OANDA trading preferences to an automatic 1.9 pip stop and the trade size to 99% (using 50x leverage).

    3. Sit and wait until you see the price move rapidly on Globex. Oanda's quotes will lag a second or two behind. Hit F2 for buy or F3 for sell, whichever way the move on Globex is going.

    4. Immediately click the Submit button. (This will require your mouse already being at the spot where the Submit button is going to pop up.)

    (Also, since Java is not the best of platforms, it helps to keep opening up and closing windows by hitting F2, then Esc, every few seconds. This way the window you actually want to trade will pop up faster.)

    5. Keep manually trailing your stop as fast and as frequently and as close to the quoted price as you can. You will receive error messages while doing that. Don't let that discourage you.

    6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you suddenly get filled at a much worse price than quoted. (This happened to me after about 26 hours and several hundred trades, which increased my account value by 93%.)

    7. Close your OANDA account.

    8. (Optional) Post your experience in this thread.

    Just in case you are wondering, after the 3rd "bad" fill, I decreased my trade size to 1 EUR and kept trading, just to confirm for myself that my edge had indeed been taken away. Consider it confirmed.

    One caveat: I'm not sure if they just singled out my account (and presumably other consistently profitable ones) or if maybe they just so happened to change their strategy for everyone, about 26 hours after I started beating them. Something tells me, though, that it's most likely the former.

    Please do what I did and report your findings back. What do you have to lose? A long day's worth of work and however much capital you decide to risk. Seems like more than a decent R/R to me.

    Also, you might be able to make more than the 88% I ended up netting within this 26 hour period. If I had known it would only last for such a short time, I would not have let anything distract me. Foolishly, I wasted some of my 26 hour window sleeping, hehehe.

    You may ask why I don't just open up accounts in my friends' names and milk this scam some more. Honestly, I make decent money in futures, so I don't have to rely on trying to beat a bucket shop at its own game, and if OANDA is the kind of company that pulls the kind of bait and switch I just described, I wouldn't feel comfortable having a substantial amount of money in a friend's name sitting in an OANDA account.

    Good luck. Go get those f***ers!
  2. PaulRon


    nice work!

    so what was your take?
  3. I was thinking of something similar , on what account size you made that return ?
    I am pretty sure they singled out your account, I heard similar stories for news traders
  4. I'm sad to admit that we are talking about a low 3 figure account here. I have always been suspicious of bucket shops, therefore never risked much with OANDA.

    In this particular case, my account went from $132 to $255, then to $249 before I realized I was done.

    I feel so foolish now. Normally I scalp ES and make (on average) $600 a day. So in essence, I sacrificed $600 of income to make $100.

    Also I forgot to mention, I used the 5 sec min/max chart.
  5. Don't plan on doing it, but was certainly a fun read. :)