How to find the best from all forex brokers?

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  1. Look for the leverage, spreads, margin, and trade size that the broker offers. Also, check whether they offer the kind of asset you want to trade and the different kinds of accounts. Quick order execution is also an important aspect. Commissions, customer service, trading platforms, and tools are other things you will have to examine of a broker, before finalizing on one (or two). As a self-made rule, I always operate accounts with at least 2 brokers. Currently, the two I am using are Turnkey forex and Oanda. And both are stellar!
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  2. The best way is to first assess your trading strategy. This is important because many online brokers don’t allow certain trading strategies like scalping. Once you define your strategy, see if the features of a particular broker are compatible with the requirements of your strategy. For instance, for a scalper like me, low spreads are critical to making profits. So I have no choice but to trade with the lowest commission brokers. Fxview, Hotforex, and Pepperstone are some of the lowest commission brokers that I know of. Fxview and sometimes Hotforex, offer 0.0 pips as spreads on major currency pairs. If high leverage is your game, you will have to see which broker offers the highest leverage.
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  3. For every trader, the definition of a good broker is different because they all have different trading requirements and the broker that satisfies them is the best and that is how it should be. One must first consider one’s own requirements and then look for suggestions. Because everyone will else suggests on the basis of how that particular broker helped fulfill their requirements. For me, Coinexx and XTB are the best brokers because they offer low spreads, low minimum deposits, and high leverage.
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    The best brokers have a fairly long experience in the market, a fairly large number of clients, and, of course, a rating among other brokers.
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  5. Jaagup


    IC Markets major for me. Fxview seems to be its good competition nowadays, have 30% funded with them. Either way both are best all-rounders imo.
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  6. Jenci


    Regulation, trading conditions(spreads, slippage, execution) etc. and support. All these things make a broker the best in my point of view.
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    Yea fxview is quite competitive, i also trade majors with them, mostly scalping, what do you trade?
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    A trader can choose a broker based on the intention one seeks before entering into a trade.

    Since I'm a scalper, I decided to trade with FP Markets because I prefer tight spreads and faster execution speed which FP Markets provide without any issues.
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    Nice but I think you spam your broker too much on this forum which definitely requires mods attention
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    GBP works for me, also trying out exotics these days, see if that's my calling. Could take the risk only because of their lower spreads.
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