How to find the best from all forex brokers?

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  1. Jaagup


    No issues so far. From trading conditions to execution, everything is going good.
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    After your recommendation, decided to try them out… gotta say i'm impressed.
    #42     Oct 22, 2021
  3. The trading conditions of the broker you are planning to trade with matter a lot. Try testing the broker through their demo account before you make your decision of trading with them. Demo trading will help clear your doubts.
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  4. To make the right choice, you have to make comparisons on the features that are important to you in a broker. And then create demo accounts with them and find the one that turns out best.
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  5. After testing the demo account one should start with a micro account with them. That would give a clear picture of the trading conditions of the broker. This is what I did before I started trading with finprotrading. Although the demo trading conditions were the same as live, it's always better to be sure of a broker before using them full time.
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  6. its a very tough game really to find a perfect , because there are thousands of brokers are available and most of them are found to be scam.
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  7. Well, I think it’s better to open a demo account first to check the reliability of a broker, I have come across this thread, it consists of pretty good list of brokers, you can have a look:
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    For sure I’d agree. That’s what I did choosing the ones I use. Like I started scalping and heard about CedarFX and 0% commission so trialled it and it actually did make much more of a difference than I thought
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  9. I have been using their ECO account for the past year or so now, but more of a day trader myself. I moved over there when they announced that they were bringing the new leverage laws in here in Australia. I was using IC Markets before that.
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  10. There are a lot of different factors you should look at. First, compare all costs including costs for trading (spreads and commission), withdrawal fees, and check terms & conditions to see if there are any hidden fees for inactivity, account maintenance, etc.
    Next, you need to make sure that the broker offers the assets you're looking for with leverage that is suitable for your needs. Also, make sure they accept people from your location.
    Last, I always make sure that customer support is easy to reach and active. If the broker advertises LiveChat, it's a good to try it out because sometimes it just turns out to be a bot or agents are never online.
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