How to follow big money?

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    Makes sense to me.

    Sometimes i have wondered if limiting to trading shares priced greater than $200 might provide some escape from following most retail traders (as most retail traders perfer lesser priced shares i think).

    That said, I've rarely tested such. I prefer shares in the $25 to $70 price range myself.
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    you would have to look for signs of frenzied buying or panic selling
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  3. %%
    BIG problem, D-ray;
    many of them make big money on gross/ AUM. That will not help you. Learn to follow trends + invest;may work for you .Get rich quick seldom works. Or you could trade a % of your investments; ever make money off investments???????
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    Yes, Mr. turtle, 2/20 on $100 billions is a significant amount. You can ignore the 20, just take to 2. %%% Not a prediction. :cool::cool::cool:
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    Maybe instead of participate on the DOM, follow doom:

    Me, I don't follow the HFT, not smart enough. I trade longer timeframe, less noise and easier to spot trends. How did I know to go long back in 2010? I didn't, just happened to read Buffett's letter to shareholders and Liz Ann Sounder's blog. Once you get the macro correct, what instrument you choose to trade is less important. But at the end of the day, luck has a lot to do with trading successes, I was lucky I read Buffett at that time.

    Good luck.
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  6. you can use Bookmap heat map to see were the big hands place their orders by strong colorful wide lines, and also see patterns of algos working on the chart.
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