How to get free data for Ninjatrader

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  1. Good Morning,

    I am wondering if anyone knows a method/manner of how to acquire a continuous ES futures data for use in Ninjatrader.

    I used to be able to do it via Kinetick a few years ago, but it doesn't seem possible.

    If you could suggest an effective method, I would appreciate it.

    Have a great day,
  2. ZBZB


    You can get data from Interactive Brokers into ninjatrader at no cost if you have an account.
  3. kmiklas


    Just remember, you get what you pay for--be it a car, pint of beer, a house, or market data.

    There's a reason why people pay big bucks for MD. Be sure that you're getting data that fits your needs: look for delayed, VWAP, or other nasties.
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  4. Overnight


    ES ##-## in your Ninja instrument manager with Kinetick doesn't work? That seems odd.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone, and sorry for the delayed reply.
  6. Off the top of your head, do you know how much an account would cost? I am not looking to fund an account at this moment.
  7. Yes I am surprised as well, but I do not have an account with any broker as this moment.
  8. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Well, you could see if any brokers that support NT are offering a 30 day free trial for starters...or actually open an account at NT brokerage which offers a minimum $400 opening balance. Then the only fee you would incur is the $5/mo exchange data or $15/mo bundled for all 3. Probably your cheapest yet most effective option.
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  9. I have an account with AMP, do you think I could half decent quality data from them?
  10. ZBZB

    ZBZB They seem to have every platform except ninjatrader. Why do you want to use ninjatrader and not one of the platforms on the list? 11 of the trading platforms from amp are free.
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