How to profit from Polexit ?

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    About 1 week ago there was a big protest against the actual government in Poland. The majority wants to stay in the EU. Many still remember how it was under Russian dictatorship.
    EU membership is extremely popular in Poland, having brought new freedom to travel and a dramatic economic transformation to the central European nation, which had endured decades of communist rule until 1989.

    The Uk government are a bunch of idiots. Watch the chaos now in the UK. Fuel and food supply problems.
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    They are leaving b/c EU has become the new USSR... Members have nothing to say anymore, the central committee in Brussels decides for all... :-(
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    You clearly don't know what you speak about.
    I did business in the early 70's with polish companies. I travelled a lot in the east european countries while they were controlled by the USSR.
    The actual government wants to create new USSR colony, cotrolled by a corrupt government. They control the Courts and adapt laws for repressing the population. That's why the EU has a fight with Polish Government. Human rights.

    The majority of the population is pro EU as life is much better now. If you deny that, it's useless to discuss with you as you are an idiot. Or you are a fan from the corrupt Government, maybe having financial benefits from the corruption.

    Last summer this was a statement from Morawiecki. “Europe is our choice, our place. We don't want to go anywhere else.” Look up who this man is as you surely have no clue who he is.
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    Buy small cap polish stocks- they will hugely benefit. EU is a communist shithole
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    In autumn 2021, the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita ordered SW Research to conduct two polls about people's preferences for a hypothetical referendum confirming Poland's participation in the European Union. In September, 64.5 percent would still vote to join the EU, if a referendum were held in that year, while only 16.2 percent opposed membership.

    Why are we talking about this nonevent again?
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    They are not leaving. Same with Hungary. The two countries are the biggest beneficiaries of Eu money. UK was a net payer.
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    Maybe again Russian desinformation? They did the same with the UK. Putin wants to weaken EU and USA as much as possible. The new style of warfare. The Russian trolls are everywhere on the internet.

    Poland would lose 14 billions net.
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    As long as Poland keeps the zloty they will be insulated from future euro crises.
    As long as they ignore edicts from Brussels on immigration etc. they will be good.

    Why not stay in the EU?
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    The most valuable returns will come from watching less of TV.

    Screenshot (13).png

    Other than that, one might consider grabbing some of OTGLY. Although overpriced, the future is very bright for em.
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