How to profit from Polexit ?

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    True. Russia engineered the American right wing vs. left wing fighting well. They're still at each other's throats. That's how you destroy a country from the inside the a military victory is impossible.

    They're running the same program in the EU as you said.
    One interesting observation was in Tallinn, Estonia during the 2009 riots (a Soviet Russian military statue was moved to a cemetery), many of the agitators calling for violence were found to be Russian nationals and had just entered the country days before with the only intention of getting people to violently riot. No direct Moscow operations were uncovered but the plot was most probably directed by FSB.
    Yet you still have Europeans suggesting Russia is an ally. Can't help the blind.
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    1) Doesn't make sense that Poland would want to leave EU considering it's one of the receiving countries in EU. Why would you want to move away from the hand that feeds you?

    2) Not sure if Poland is big enough in terms of economic impact (no offence to any Polish traders here) to profit from here.
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    Polexit is BS.
    They are not going anywhere for sure.
    Real estate is hot there.
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    Russians leveraged social media very well during Ferguson riots without entering. Simple scenario that always works on crowds: collect enough mass on different sides of the argument, direct them to the same location, introduce a catalyst and a detonator, and you get a critical mass right there at a laughable cost. Soros does the same. In fact, there are many players who play this game simultaneously, including the feds. If you haven't read Gustave LeBon on crowds you may want to catch up; Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini were his ardent students.

    As for the EU, it has become a dictatorship long time ago. All the politicos get drunk on power, just take a look at Jacinda in NZ.

    Poland is not going anywhere, it has to choose the lesser evil, and the EU is an obvious choice in their case. Otherwise, it's Mongols all over them again.

    [New Unia with Ukraine, Lithuania and later Belarus would sure keep both Berlin and Moscow on their tows, but it is not feasable at the moment]
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    How to profit from Polexit ?

    Poland's GDP is relatively small.

    But if Poland aligns with Russia,
    then there will be tons of trading opportunities.

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    Doubtful, Lithuania has a different language, alphabet, culture from the other two. The economic levels are also vastly different, poverty in Ukraine is extreme compared to Lithuania for example.
    A more likely alliance is with Poland as Poland and Lithuania were in a powerful alliance previously.
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    We are in a very good terms with Ukraine & trying our best with the free folk of Belarus. (But then there's the regime)

    But i don't see any official unions any time soon as we are already in EU. Most likely the Ukraine would join EU and can't say the same about Belarus.

    Any other type of a union is a far theory.

    Almost like, -,, What if a Mexico becomes a state of US"
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  9. OK its time to help Maddog with his Math again.

    Which is true

    A - 29,852 is more than 21,466
    B -29,852 is less than 21,466

    Somebody from California would only require one try - youre from Texas so you get two
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    Who is Maddog?
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