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    You made a conclusion that it's unlikely based on a set of assumptions. In the end it does not matter if it's unlikely or not, it's in no way is in relation to the topic.
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    What is the proper abbreviation for million? Should I use M or MM for million?
    Both the abbreviations, M and MM, are correct for representing Million.
    The majority of European countries use the decimal comma.

    The countries found to the north, like the U.S.A and Canada, use the decimal point, although the comma is used in the Francophone area of Canada as well. Countries closer to Central America, such as Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, also use the decimal point. However, South American countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay, among others, use the comma.

    Americans like to embrace quirkiness
    Let’s start with the obvious: The metric system is the standard worldwide, except for the United States and a couple other places.

    Each time it is confirmed that Americans think there is no life outside the US.
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    Whatever you got to tell yourself.
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    If you remember I asked OP the question(s).

    As for "...unlikely based on a set of assumptions". IMO that is what you did.

    Pure numbers and the fact historically low priced stocks start on Nasdaq says to me at least which viewpoint is more of an assumption.

    NYSE 2400 stocks
    Nasdaq 3300 stocks
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    I ask again, how do you know he is not trading the same low priced NYSE names all day?
    Ah, you don't, you're just assuming, got it.
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  6. Merill doesn't take PFOF, but they route to BofA Securities not to lit exchanges, so they are their own market maker, they pay themselves as they are part of BofA.

    Fidelity routes most trades to market markers such as Citadel and Virtu even if they don't take payment for that.
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    Follow along, I never said Op wasn't trading the same low priced NYSE names.

    I said there were likely more low price names available on Nasdaq (again not that OP was trading them).. and then you said it is not likely that there are more low priced stocks on Nasdaq than NYSE, even though as I said in my last post the pure numbers and history of the Nasdaq indicate otherwise.
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    The future will bring more.
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    That makes more sense
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