How to stay out of prison.

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    First you need a skilled ($$$) and intelligent ($$$$) attorney who WANTS ($$$$$) you to stay out of prison (not a public defender), then you need to figure out how to not get bankrupted paying for it.

    You do that by getting the state to pay YOU in advance a large sum for your defense which you can then pay your attorneys periodically as the case progresses.

    I think I know how, but need a little assistance figuring it out.

    Who wants to join in?

    Who has a cooperative attorney to help with research?
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  2. Overnight


    So you committed a felony, and want help on how to weasel your way out if it? No thanks!
  3. bookish


    lmao two years from now when you are asking me about this and wishing you had prepared when yoy had the cuance.
  4. Overnight


    I will not commit a felony, intentionally or accidentally. I am not that wealthy, unfortunately.
  5. AR15


    How do you think you will get the state to pay your legal fees before hand?

    Im curious
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    Without it being a public defender. Lol
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    If you find an attorney willing to research it, Ill share
  8. bookish


    I have tge basic arguments, but cant find the citations. Need help with that.
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    Crazy Bookish can still wind up posters after years posting fantasy.
    Good luck