HOW TO tell if Hedge funds are buying/selling without depending on the 13f/g/d

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  1. Good Morning,
    The only way I know to tell when Hedge funds are buying/selling is when the 13f comes out 45 days later.

    Instead of waiting until February 15 for the next 13f /13g, how can you tell when hedge funds are buying or selling stocks?

    Is there a vendor that provides this information?

  2. It's unlikely you will EVER get to know "who is doing what" in time for you to benefit. Everything expected, known, hoped, feared... is reflected in the price chart. Learn to trade that and forget about everything else you think is important.
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    They are always involved is just a matter of more or less.
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    It will take some effort to get from Edgar database. For fund manager, it's the CIK number. For equity, it's the CUSIP.
    All the Edgar database is here.
    Directory listing of full-index/ (
    All the fund managers that need to file with SEC are in the Master.idx file and sorted by CIK number. This file contain about 6,000 fund managers. Changes in holding can be tracked by comparing the 13F-HR report by quarter.
    Here is the link of all filings by Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
    The Q4 2021 13F-HR report for reporting period Q3 2021.
    SEC FORM 13-F Information Table
    The Q3 2021 13F-HR report for reporting period Q2 2021.
    SEC FORM 13-F Information Table

    If need to analyze by equity, then it's more complicated. Need to tally up all the 6000 fund managers and the equities are identified by CUSIP and not ticker. The 13F securities report of all the CUSIP is published each quarter. | Official List of Section 13(f) Securities
    The challenging part is to match CUSIP and ticker symbol.
    Ticker / CUSIP Securities Filing Information Search

    Yahoo Finance has a Holders report by ticker symbol and it will give a good indication if your report match the top 10 holders.
    This is not to discourage you and it can be done.
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    Find your kick when it comes to recognizing that this/those funds, have to do this & that with this and this.

    ****** Hedge Fund ******, first squeezing then shorting micro caps.

    I found that as a addition, as a side effect, while practicing ,, one kick '' when it comes to hedge funds and by no means it just felt out of the sky, via some free net page about hedge fund positions.
    (when and how that can be turned into an edge, is another topic (if at all).
    And if such information fails to provide any practical usage, it will improve the understanding of how the ,,machine works'')

    Simply put, - work.

    And then* you will be amazed by your own discoveries.

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    There are a number of hedge funds out there and no way to know who is buying or selling at any given second. That is a fool's errand. All you have to do is align your trade with the major trend. Hedge funds in that stock will support the stock's price. So, stocks going up, you go long, stocks going down, you short but, with put options. Never borrow stock to short because the risk to the upside is unlimited.
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    They are not obliged to divulgate this information in real-time. They have something like 30 days or so to do it.
    So, if you think that you'll be able to get this info in real-time, keep dreaming.
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  8. bone


    Not in anything approaching real time. Not even close.

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  9. Good answer thank you

    I will get back to you on this
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    There was this guy Raj Rajarathnam who planted moles in big corporate boards and profitted until he was caught.
    Follow suit and plant moles in places you want. Will work until caught.
    Then a little time in a penitentiary and then you are also set as a billionaire.
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