I Apologize

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by maxpi, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. maxpi


    Expressing negative and hurtful things is just wrong. I've done a lot of it, some of it here. I wish to extend my sincere apologies.
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  2. wrbtrader


    Hi maxpi,

    You've were not here for about a year until your 4 recent posts...what happened to make you so apologetic ???

  3. Nobert


    It's alright.

    One member recently said :

    Because anything beyond of 5 threads per day (especially in politics), might provoke a strange behaviour.

    Then you read your own posts few days/weeks/months later and be like :


    And i figured out why, -

    although some folks can't make money, they still have this super power.
    It works like a kryptonite against sane mind. It's like a radiation.
    You get exposed to em for too long, - strange things might happen.
    If you try to fight their wisdom, - effects get even worse.

    .... Sees a thread in the distance....
    ... Comes closer, delaying to enter.....
    .... Looks to the left, yellow triangle sign ....




    But here's the kicker :
    There's also good, intelligent & kind people in here.
    A simple task, to figure out who is who.

    ,,You're not as important as you think that you are. Billions of billions of galaxies with billions of systems and planets. And there's you, one out of 8 billions in the middle of nowhere, with your little problems''
    - R.Dalio

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  4. Overnight


    You'll find your way soon enough. LISTEN! :)