I don't like like when I see quotes in GFT Forex much differ than in others. (look)

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by OfmY, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. OfmY


    The lines are crossed at the begining of this week sessions.
    Look at Cable since the cross and you will see that it even not higer than 1.7527 but surely it was 1.7559. And such gap in eur and other currency. This is demo, but I reckon the same is in real, is it?

    The time of picture is 18th July, 2005 ~08.00GMT

    Actually the quotes are missing from 17th July 22:30 to 18th July 06:30.

    BUT at 06:30 the high price for cable was 1.7556 NOT 1.7527

    Does it mean GFT not working at that time or it broke down?
  2. I've on GFT with a "real" account.

    I'm not understanding what you are saying, but if you explain it again then I might be able to work with you on this...
  3. murfy_kl


    I have same problem with FXCM