I would like to retract what I said about TraderTV Live

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jnbadger, Jun 28, 2021.

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    They don't necessarily trade the way I would, but that's no reason to trash them after watching just a couple of youtube episodes.

    (Obvious disclaimer: I have no affiliation. This isn't an advertisement)

    These guys are probably paid to broadcast by DTTW, but who cares? They walk their talk. They post levels on active stocks Pre-market, they call their trades in real time, and they put their heads down and talk about their losses when they take a hit.

    In August, I'll be able to say I've been doing this shit for 25 years. I've learned to filter out bullshit. I also tend to filter out too much, just to be a safe 53 year old.

    If you are new, or struggling, I would give them a shot.

    Another disclaimer: I have NOT analyzed their trades for positive expected return. I don't have that kind of time. I do my own thing. I probably do 100 back tests per week, just out of curiosity. And I find one per year which might work.

    Anyway, it's tough to say this with all of the bullshit out there, but I actually enjoy watching and listening. I don't think I have ever said that about a stock trading channel before. (I would have to go back and look)

    One more thing: If you are new or struggling, or even experienced, and you watch these guys, be very in touch with the math in your head. These guys like to take $2.00 risks while taking $.25 and $.50. People have gotten very rich that way, but it can be very dangerous financially and psychologically.

    Bottom line, my trust level is 90%. (For what it's worth. I'm just a middle aged Wisconsin farm boy who's trading for a living).

    Happy trading.
    JNB, out.
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    I peaked at it today for the first time and, for a newbie like me, thought it was interesting enough to see how others trade live.
    While I wouldn't spend much time following it because of the live distraction, I wonder how much sway such program has on share price if suddenly they hype up a stock.
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    More Risky: 1) Farming, 2) Trading?
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  5. maxinger


    Newbies have not much choice but to watch it.

    Experienced traders watch it for entertainment purposes.
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    Do you farm?
  7. maxinger


    just a little.
    I will be doing more of it soon.
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    Do you have a sugarcane press?
    Seems like you pictured one in that great series of obscure gizmos.

    Your collection was so crazy good that I've considered extracting them from the Handy Gizmos thread and Starting a Much, well, how bout "Got one of these?" or "Gizmos Gizmos Gizmos". Nah, doesn't even come close. Open a thread and Guess this Gizmo, who the hell knows, lol. Start a thread of more of those pics. Putting it in with pocket flashlights is like mona lisa in a shopping bag.

    Some extremely cool stuff, and very much handy if you have a Gigantic Pile of Sugarcane that needs to go into what, molasses.

    I hope you do a thread like that, something tells me what was in Handy Gizmos was merely the tip of the iceberg. Some amazing goodies.
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    I understand what you are saying, but they normally just trade the super active stocks. They might be able to hype something for a few pennies, but when a 10 dollar stock has a 5 point range on the day, they're at the mercy of the chart just like you and me.
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